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About LAC Portland


LAC Portland is based in Sherwood, Oregon USA and has been providing high-performance GNU/Linux computers since September, 2000 where it operated until 2016 as Los Alamos Computers.

People at LAC Portland

LAC Portland projects and provides superior expertise by using high-level staff in responding to customer inquiries. Our technical support staff and systems engineers are all Unix and GNU/Linux experts. We can help you find Free Software solutions for your computing needs whenever possible, helping you to use your PC hardware your way.

Computer Options

We strive to provide cutting-edge hardware options to users who need and/or prefer to work in a GNU/Linux environment, and we back every system with an industry leading warranty and exceptional customer service.

There is no single computing solution for every problem -- contact LAC Portland for assistance configuring a system that will get the job done for you. Our staff is ready to provide guidance, helping you to build your own custom computer, choosing from among our abundant Linux-compatible hardware options and multiple GNU/Linux distributions. With LAC Portland on your side, you can build your own system, relying on our expertise to avoid hardware or software incompatibility pitfalls. We offer systems in a variety of configurations, for example software or hardware RAID, LVM, disk encryption, diskless. If you have a need that we do not address in our Web site, contact LAC Portland so we can help you find a solution.

LAC Portland System Build Details


We are constantly adding new hardware to our Web site, and we are always assessing new technologies. We strive to offer the latest technologies to our customers after verifying the robustness of new products by Web research, magazines, discussion forums, and in-house testing.

Burn-in and OS install

Each system is initially loaded with Debian in preparation for a burn-in procedure we have created. The burn-in includes repeated kernel builds, heavy network traffic, creation and unpacking of multiple large tar archives, GL graphics, and audio activity, all done simultaneously while monitored for adequate performance and error conditions.

After a system passes our burn-in, we partition the hard drive(s) to meet the needs of the customer, and we next load and configure the operating system that is to be delivered in the system. We install the latest security updates for every operating system, and although many TCP services generally installed and available, we disable all but the essentials by default. We take security updates very seriously, and we closely monitor security announcements for every operating system we offer so our systems are current.

Operating system choices

Our customers can choose one or more of Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, openSuSE, CentOS, Trisquel, and Microsoft Windows 10. We are highly skilled in configuring multi-boot systems and with virtualization. Let us know your needs and we will help you find a solution.

System restore

LAC Portland GNU/Linux computers ship with a unique, advanced system restore procedure that restores your LAC Portland computer to its original state leaving your personal data intact. Our system restore procedure is distribution-independent and applies to every LAC Portland workstation, laptop, and server.

Post-Sale Technical Support Options


To assist with system integration issues, we offer 90 days of free e-mail support.


Every system has on-site warranty options backed worldwide by Lenovo. Contact LAC Portland for further details, including rates.

System Warranty

We offer a 30 day guarantee and an up to five year parts and labor warranty backed worldwide by Lenovo on every LAC Portland system. See our policies page for full details.

Delivery Options

We offer all UPS shipping options for computer delivery. All LAC Portland computers ship within 5 business days unless otherwise specified.